Strengthening Guidance and Creative Thinking
Promoting High Quality Development of the Industry
CATA Held the 3rd Session of the 4th Board Meeting


On January 18th, the 3rd session of the 4th Board Meeting of CATA was held in Beijing. The meeting deliberated and approved the working report and financial working report; reached consent to the working arrangements and basic budgets in 2019; discussed and decided on major topics related to long-term industry growth and development of the Association.


In 2018, the Association has deeply studied the important instructions on civil aviation given by General Secretary Xi Jinping and put it into practice. According to the clear requirements instructed by Administrator Feng Zhenglin during his visit to the Association at the beginning of the year, the general working idea of the Association was put in place and preferable outcomes were achieved: guidance and long-term mindset were strengthened; new progress was made in customer services; and self-building was consolidated.


In 2019, the Association will follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and his instructions on civil aviation to put the overall arrangements of civil aviation into practice. Taking the high quality development of civil aviation as the major task and customer needs as the driving force, the Association will endeavor to promote aviation safety and improve development environment, strengthen basic and long-term capacity building, and enhance service capability and work efficiency. And it shall focus on implementing key projects and continue to be committed to the following ten fields: promoting aviation safety and improving development environment; strengthening basic supporting capability and long-term building; carrying out scientific and technological education and cultural work; further safeguarding market order and members’ rights; reforming certification of sales agency and transforming services; continuing to develop general aviation; deepening foreign exchanges and cooperation; and consolidating self-building.


The meeting agreed to reform the management mode of sales agency and completely call off certification of sales agent. It was decided to establish Education, Training and Culture Branch, Science and Technology and Information Technology Committee, and Aviation Environmental Protection Committee. Also, consent was reached to implement the project of IT building within the Association, and it was agreed in principle on the construction plan of a training center.


The meeting reviewed and approved the Interim Measures for Budget Management of the Association, and agreed to revise the Measures on Standards, Payment Procedures and Management of Association Fee, which was requested to be submitted to the General Meeting for ratification. The meeting also considered other issues.